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Hello and welcome to my blog, the science of knowing! In this blog I will post on a weekly basis a series of short articles explaining famous science experiments and popular topics of science in the news.

The reason I started this blog is because I wanted to have a place where people who have a good understanding of science and people who are not that at home in the subject, can read articles concerning various science experiments and natural phenomena. A place where they are both able to understand and get excited by wondrous science.

Molecular life science mostly concerns the research of genetics and biochemical reactions and interactions. I have a great passion for all sciences, especially for biology and chemistry but I am also very interested in the field of physics.

If you wish to contact me with either questions or a correction in my works please do not hesitate to email me and I shall respond as soon as possible.


2 responses to “About and contact

  1. Olivier, could you explain, briefly, the heat-death of the universe to me, and what role entropy and the arrow of time play in this? Brian Cox, our resident physicist in the UK, says the universe will eventually end as things become more chaotic, please indulge me if you will and let me know exactly what the mechanisms are? (Thank you in advance!)

    • Hi Eilif, that’s not really a subject which is easy to explain briefly, nor is it entirely in my area of expertise, but I love a challenge. I’ll get the physics books from the shelf and write a piece about it.

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